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The new EcoFlow Solar System is the world’s first wearable solar energy system. It tracks the sunshine throughout the time and instantly readjusts the photovoltaic panel to the upright placement of the sunlight, improving solar power generation by 30%. The solar system will remain on standby until it recognizes direct sunlight once again if no sunlight is identified. The EcoFlow Solar System is a wise position and a light-sensing unit that enables it to comply with the sunshine on pair of centers. You can utilize it to place either your EcoFlow photovoltaic panels or even third-party solar powers.

Instructions for making use of the EcoFlow Solar System

The sun tracker is composed of three components: the door structure, the foundation, and the legs. Let’s start along with the bottom and the lower legs below. In the command element, you will find a sun billing connector. There is an emergency switch on top of the management module for an instant shutdown and a compass on the right edge to adapt your gadget. In the facility of the module is a mechanized lever arm. This lifts or even reduces the panel framework to the slant you yearn for. Also on the face of the element is the other end of the sunlight asking for the adapter, which you can use to connect the module to your solar batteries. Now allow’s to take a look at the structure of the module.

The framework contains four bars to which the component is connected. Each is locked to the principal framework. You can exchange the poles for the consisted of hooks for installing if you are using rigid third-party panels. The leading of the frame is the light-toned sensor. It acknowledges where there suffices illumination and turns on the system to ensure it complies with the training program of the sunshine. The sunlight system can rotate 345 degrees. Therefore, he has a blind spot of 15 degrees. That is if you perform the north.

If you reside in the northern hemisphere, you ought to be turned toward the front end of the photovoltaic system to the eastern along with a slight tilt to the north; if you are in the southern hemisphere, you should face your solar system to the east along with a mild tilt to the south if you Use eco circulation 400-watt solar powers along with your photovoltaic tracker. To do this, work loose the palm screws on the spine of the unit and adjust the distance to fit your panel. Once constructed, you can link your solar energy panel and mobile electrical power station; after that, push the energy key. The Eco Flow solar modules are effective, durable, and also versatile. You may make use of the consisted scenario as a platform to place your panels anywhere for the finest results.

Solar tracker from Ecoflow

The EcoFlow Solar Tracker is the first solar tracker of its kind that takes the use of solar panels to a new level. Simply place a solar panel on the EcoFlow Solar Tracker and off you go Waldbereit. The EcoFlow Solar Tracker follows the sun and makes sure you get the best angle to catch the sun’s rays.

The EcoFlow Solar Tracker automatically tracks the position of the sun

Gone are the days of having to reposition your solar panel every hour to capture the best sunlight – the Solar Tracker does it for you. The Solar Tracker rotates and pivots on two axes to continuously find the best angle to the sun. This is the ultimate solar charger for your portable power station. You can even leave your solar panels out overnight! As the sun rises, the EcoFlow Solar Tracker automatically adjusts your solar panel to the best position to collect the sunlight.

Use every single ray of sunshine

Using the EcoFlow Solar Tracker, you can harvest up to 30% more watts of solar energy from your solar panels compared to flat panels. As more sunlight hits the panels throughout the day, you can power your solar generator with a lot more green electricity that is not connected to the grid.

How stable is the EcoFlow Solar Tracker?

The four stable legs, which can be spread and fixed wide, ensure a safe and stable base. The top brackets can be extended or retracted to accommodate the size of your solar panel.

Which solar modules can be mounted on the EcoFlow Solar Tracker?

The Solar Tracker can be used with almost any solar panel. Whether foldable or rigid, whether EcoFlow or a third party – it doesn’t matter. If they connect with an MC4 universal solar connector and aren’t too big or heavy, they will work! The Solar Tracker works with almost any solar panel.

Does the Solar Tracker work with the EcoFlow App?

Yes, the Solar Tracker can be integrated into the EcoFlow app. So you can see at a glance what the device is currently doing.